A Gallery of Trees Sticker 3 Pack

Type: A Gallery of Trees
Price: $10.00


This is a set of 3 vinyl stickers from our book “A Gallery of Trees.” These stickers are printed on a white premium permanent adhesive film with a glossy weather resistant laminate. These are printed on a PVC-free film that’s environmentally friendly. These stickers measure 3 inches in height and are perfect for you laptop or favorite water bottle!



Chinese Junper, Kawamoto

Juniperus chinesis var. sargentii

Tree Number: 156

Saikei in Seattle

In training since: 1979


Staghorn Sumac, Cunningham

Rhus typhina

Tree Number 160

Dr. Suess Tree

In training since: 1986


Formosan Juniper, Liang

Juniperus formosana

Tree Number: 133

A Tale of Two Trunks

In training since: 1962

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