World War Bonsai Exhibit Catalog

Type: Great Gifts
Price: $18.95


Emotionally and informatically, the content may call for more slow absorption over time. Or perhaps something stuck with you, that you want to return to?

We've managed to encapsulate (all most all!) of the exhibition materials in a 60-page, pocket-sized guide. This full-color, image-and-info-rich catalog presents photos of every bonsai in the exhibition along with text from the exhibition panels and tree labels.

The history of bonsai in relation to World War II has never been told before in the formal setting of a museum exhibition. We hope this catalog serves as a printed record of a missing history that can make its way into libraries and book collections everywhere to fill a gap in the historical record.

A big thank you: the majority of photographs in this catalog were shot by Francesca Sarpola, a seasoned bonsai-care volunteer. We can't help but see how the loving attention she puts into caring for the trees spills out into her bonsai portraiture.