Hinoki Cypress Pin

Type: Great Gifts
Price: $10.00


Take home a piece of Pacific Bonsai Museum with this unique enamel pin. 
Designed by Seattle small business owner Zack Bolotin, this pin is meticulously modeled after our Hinoki Cypress. The pin measures 1" x 1".

Hinoki cypress has become a popular garden tree in the U.S.; this tree was originally field-grown for that purpose. Its discovery by the artist Hal Mahoney in 1983 in a shipment of 5-gallon nursery stock was followed by six years of intensive “clip and grow” training before he finally placed it in a bonsai container.

Attentive trimming created a feeling of good proportion, and thinning and wiring the branches after its arrival here revealed more of the graceful, curved trunk. The well-balanced rootage completes the composition, creating a feeling of age and stability. This tree is a “textbook example” of what can be achieved when an artist takes average material and turns it into something very special with dedication and cultivation. Mahoney achieved a perfect trunk taper from base to tip through rigorous growth management.