Hemlock Pin

Type: Great Gifts
Price: $10.00


Take home a piece of Pacific Bonsai Museum with this unique enamel pin. 
Designed by Seattle small business owner Zack Bolotin.

This Mountain Hemlock was collected in 1993 in Idaho’s Sawtooth 
Mountains by a man who dug native trees and sold them to plant 
nurseries. Bonsai artist Mary Corrington was teaching bonsai classes 
at a nursery when she spotted it.

As Corrington explains, “Mother Nature did most of the work styling 
this tree. My main credit was in recognizing what was in front of me 
and refining it.” Snow loading in mountain environments sometimes 
sculpts Mountain Hemlocks into dramatic, even exotic forms. Snow 
had bent and broken this tree’s trunk and then did the same to its 
primary branch.

When Corrington took the tree home, she removed approximately 
seven feet from the top, and then trained one of the side branches as 
its new top, and refined the foliage to repeat the trunk movements and 
set up a visual rhythm