Avant-garden catalog

Type: Books
Price: $12.00


Read about the results of experimental techniques pushing horticultural limits to achieve radical designs in our 2023 special exhibition, Avant-garden Catalog.

Learn about eleven works from daring artists who have evolved their bonsai practice through experimentation, innovation, and a willingness to take risks. See bonsai trees like never before: in non-traditional vessels using repurposed materials; in different planting orientations; and bonsai that explore subject matter other than the traditional “nature and our relationship to it” theme.

With works by:

Courtney Branam
Kevin Bennett
Greg Brenden
David Crust
Michael Hagedorn
Austin Heitzman
Benjamin Keating
Ron Lang
Nick Lenz
Ryan Neil
Christine Nguyen
Aarin Packard
Erich Raudebaugh
Spencer Staley
Timea Tihanyi